You are helping the TDF/TPLF, which is worst than the current Ethiopian government.

The last 27 years, they themselves have been an authoritarian Ethiopian regime. People protested and peacefully removed them. They turned a "freedom fighter" and now want to take a revenge.

They already started taking revenge. They are going house to house killing people in area they took over:

"the fighters also went from house to house, killing people and setting every home alight."


They also commited mass atrocities when they ruled Ethiopia for the last 27 years. They wants to comeback for a revenge and your are helping them. You are helping in revenge genocide. You are being part of this genocide.

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Who pays you to write these articles?

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<<To be sure, this is not an uncommon practice for countries’ national carriers, Examples of British and Delta Airlines is mentioned. ,,,,raises questions about the airline’s impartiality and civilian status …>>

So are you saying Ethiopian Airlines must also show its solidarity for the people of Tigray or TPLF transporting its fighters from Mekelle to Afar or Gandar so that It would be easier for the terrorist group fighters who vowed to do whatever it takes to tear the country apart???

<<…Ethiopian Airlines also exists to serve the ends of the Ethiopian government, up to and including moving troops to fight the government’s wars.>>

Those Airlines you mentioned, were they fighting for the SADAM regime then???

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Thank you for the clear and evidence-based analysis. This is the truth. There is no way to hide the truth.

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Well researched, beautifully presented article. Thank you!

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